Activation Insoles for Golfers

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Experience what it feels like to be connected to your feet all day, whether you're walking 9 or driving 18. The Naboso® Activation Insole is our most popular stimulating insole in the Naboso® Insole product line. Our insoles are the only sensory insole on the market that are thin enough to be worn in any golf shoe or on top of an existing orthotic. The unique texture of the Naboso Activation improves foot strength and stimulation, resulting in less fatigue, better balance, and more consistent swings.

Recommended for

  • Use on the course, work, gym, or anywhere you're on your feet
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve balance & increase movement efficiency
  • Maximum foot stimulation to energize your step and reduce foot ache
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when standing, walking, and swinging

Non-cushion sensory insoles designed for daily use.
Thin enough to work with all types of footwear, including golf shoes. Use it on top of your existing insole. 

Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | 100% Recyclable
Backed by 30 day satisfaction guarantee

  • 1.5mm patent-pending pyramidal two-point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Higher level stimulation to increase energy and offset fatigue 
  • Freedom of rotation to support movement efficiency
3 - 5.5
34.5 - 37.5
M 6 - 8.5 38 - 42
L 9 - 11.5 43 - 45
XL 12 - 14 46 - 48.5
5 - 7.5
35 - 38
M 8 - 10.5 38.5 - 43
L 11 - 13.5 43.5 - 44.5

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