Experience Foot Strengthening Active Arch Supports

Foot strengthening arch supports

Flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions.   There are a variety of reasons why people seek out arch supports and custom orthotics.   

Despite their potential benefit of supporting the foot arch, studies have shown that chronic use of arch supports and orthotics can actually weaken feet.
A 2020 study by Protopapas et al. found that after just 3 months of wearing a custom orthotic there was up to a 17% decrease in foot intrinsic muscle size, namely in the flexor digitorum brevis and abductor hallucis (1).
Studies such as this demonstrate that using solely a mechanical arch support that acts like a brace can potentially set someone up for future foot weakness and foot injury.   
So what does a person do if they need arch support?

Naboso has been working hard behind the scenes to elevate the traditional arch support experience and to address this concern over foot weakening

Arch supports that strengthen feet

Enter the Naboso Form Insole
This is the first mechanical arch support designed with a top cover of foot stimulating texture which will wake up the nerves of the feet and stimulate the foot muscles.
Sensory stimulation such as texture has been demonstrated to improve foot circulation, nerve health and muscle strength which means this is the first time someone can use arch supports without the concern of weakening their feet (2).
The Naboso Form which launches October 9 in the US is available in 9 sizes, can be trimmed down to fit into any shoe and is made of an easy-to-clean food grade silicone.  
Learn more and order today at Naboso.com


(1) Protopapas et al.  The effect of a 12-week custom foot orthotic intervention on muscle size and muscle activity of the intrinsic foot muscle of young adults during gait termination, Clinical Biomechanics, 2020

(2) Ridge, S. et al.  Walking in Minimalist Shoes is Effective for Strengthening Foot Muscles, BYU June, 2019