Naboso Partners with Recovery For Athletes to Enhance Foot Recovery Awareness

Naboso Partners with Recovery For Athletes to Enhance Foot Recovery Awareness

Recovery.   This may be a buzz word in the athletic space, but this phase of athletic performance is arguably one of the most important.     What used to be thought of as simply stretching after a workout is now full of a sophisticated line up of products to enhance and support what it means to recover.  

At Naboso, we believe that a complete recovery program must include a little TLC for the feet, afterall it is our feet that create our foundation to movement!  

Our innovative product line of textured insoles, mats and release tools brings sensory stimulation to the recovery experience and integrates seamlessly with many other recovery tools currently on the market.   

To support our mission and to educate people about the importance of foot recovery, we have partnered with Recovery For Athletes.   Recovery For Athletes is the top online retailer for athletic recovery and wellness equipment. With over 75 brands from the best brands in the industry, RFA partners with brands on a mission to improve the longevity and performance in all athletes. 

“We are excited for this partnership between Recovery For Athletes and Naboso as it helps spread the message about foot health”   Naboso CEO Dr Emily Spllichal states.  “For years I’ve been advocating the importance of strong feet for athletic performance.   This platform will continue to spread that message and hopefully help reduce injuries in our athletes.”

"We are thrilled to work with Naboso to help bring performance and foot recovery to all athletes. We started RFA to bring the best brands to athletes that want to take their games to the next level. We are excited for the future of Naboso and our partnership together" - Aron Hiltzik (Co-Founder of RFA). 

To learn more about Recovery For Athletes and the experience the full line-up of recovery focused products, including Naboso, please visit