Ultra-Marathon Runners and Physical Therapists Say All Runners Should Use Naboso

Ultra-Marathon Runners and Physical Therapists Say All Runners Should Use Naboso

Every stride you take, every breath you draw in, the exhilarating rush of crossing the finish line — running is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle.

"Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing unattainable." - Kara Goucher, American Olympian.

But beneath the thrill of the race and the rush of endorphins, commonly known as the "runner's high," is a journey marked with hours of training, painful injuries, and grueling recovery periods. No one knows this better than ultra-marathon runners, heroes of athletic endurance. From track and field champions to everyday joggers, most runners experienced some form of injury.

So why do so many runners suffer from injuries? The answer is often misalignment. Injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners' knees, sprained ankles, and more can occur when our foot-to-core connection is out of balance. Injuries can be due to internal factors like muscle imbalances or external factors like inappropriate footwear. Misalignment can subtly alter running mechanics, adding to considerable injury impact over time.

In this article, we will cover the science behind running alignment, the tools ultra-marathon runners and their physical therapists use to generate peak performance over thousands of miles, and how Naboso is at the center of it.

How Misalignment Leads to Running Injuries

Every runner's stride involves a complex interplay of muscles, bones, connective tissue, and nerves. Misalignment in this physiological collaboration can lead to mechanical strains exacerbating common running injuries. Far from minor discomforts, these injuries can disrupt a runner's training routine and, more critically, prolong recovery times.

Conditions like plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the plantar fascia - the connective tissue running across the bottom of your foot, can be severely intensified by improper foot alignment during running—the same rings true for runner's knee, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, and more.

The intricate connections within our musculoskeletal system mean that misalignment doesn't only impact the area directly, but it can also lead to compensatory strains. But why are people running out of alignment? Dr. Emily Splichal, founder of Naboso, explains.

Uncovering the Causes Behind Running Injuries

According to Dr. Emily Splichal, up to 80% of runners experience overuse injuries, which means that they're getting injured because of impact forces. Impact forces are not necessarily bad; they are a part of training. Think about impact as the interaction between your body and your nervous system when you're moving. There is a slight delay in how the mind-body connection reacts to impact.

Many runners are in a delayed or reactive state when they're running. This means that when their foot hits the ground, there is a delay between the body and mind. Misalignment and overcompensation can occur if there is a delay between the bodily systems. When this happens over a prolonged period of time, injuries pop up.

Understanding this issue intimately, Dr. Emily set out to revolutionize how runners prepare and recover from the sport. She developed the Naboso technology to create a proactive solution, focusing on enhanced proprioception. This technique utilizes textured insoles like the Naboso Insoles to increase sensory feedback and foot sensitivity during a run. This solution aims to eliminate the delay between body and mind, leading to immediate stabilization and alignment. Reduced reaction time can help mitigate common injuries and enhance overall performance. Naboso technology can also aid athletes during recovery, reinforcing foot-to-core stability and re-establishing a robust connection between the runner's body and mind.

Enhancing Runners' Performance and Recovery with Naboso Insoles and Neuro Ball

Ultramarathon runners push their bodies to the limits, often facing fatigue that can disconnect their foundation. However, the innovative approach of Naboso Insoles offers a practical solution to this problem. Uniquely designed to enhance sensory feedback and optimize foot neuro-activation, these textured insoles increase foot sensitivity and total body awareness during a run. They help athletes achieve more rapid stabilization, even amidst grueling runs, through sensory stimulation. The insoles' texture enhances a runner's foot proprioceptive awareness, easing the management of their energy distribution, control of force production, and adjustment to impact forces. 

Alongside the insoles, the Naboso Neuro Ball plays an equally important role in runners' recovery and injury prevention. They were created as a supplemental training tool to work alongside the insole technology. They are sensory training balls that create proprioceptive stimulation during pre-run exercises and cooldowns. Their distinctive texture provides benefits similar to those of insoles by amplifying joint position sense and facilitating superior control of force production. It helps runners maintain an optimal posture and balance, alleviating common running-related ailments like plantar fasciitis. Naboso Neuro Balls help with faster recovery and enhanced performance, making them indispensable in every runner's toolkit.

What about the athletes and their trainers? What are they saying?

Ultra-Marathon Runners' Testimonial on Naboso

Ultra-marathon runner and YouTuber Akeem McDreamy leveraged the Naboso insoles to run an impressive 1200 miles in less than two months. He resides in Texas, and during the spring and summer, he opts for the Naboso Trail Sport Sandals. In the winter, Akeem switches to his closed-toed Xero Minimalist Running Shoes to keep his feet warm. Just because he is switching to a different shoe doesn't mean he is neglecting the Naboso insole technology. In the video below, he unpacks his new Naboso insoles to put them in his warmer running shoes and keep his well-aligned training going.

Naboso Insoles Can Work With Any Shoe

The installation of the Naboso Insole can work with any shoe, as Akeem demonstrates. Simply remove the current insole of any shoe you are using, place it on top of the Naboso insole, and trace the original insole's size with a sharpie on the Naboso insole. Use scissors to trim away any excess length and fit the new Naboso insole in the shoe.

If we look at a runner like Akeem, who is quite literally running thousands of miles per year, we ask, why is he able to do this? From his video, he is taking preventative measures with Naboso technology to enhance his running longevity. The proof is in the mileage, but any runner can benefit. If the insoles benefit a runner putting 1200 miles worth of stress on their feet and legs, imagine what they can do for the weekend jogger, generating less strain.

We are not done talking to the experts. To understand how physical therapists help runners with Naboso tech, we jump to physical therapist Dr. Kat.

Physical Therapists' Advice to Runners for Rapid Recovery

As a physical therapist dedicated to working specifically with runners, Dr. Kat uses the Naboso Neuro Ball with her clients to create a better impact connection and speed up injury recovery. She uses the Neuro Ball for three key purposes: sensory stimulation, soft-tissue release, and foot strengthening.

Unlocking Performance with Sensory Stimulation 

Dr. Kat considers the Naboso Neuro Ball, an essential tool in her physical therapy practice for runners. The Neuro Ball is designed to stimulate the nerve-dense surface of the feet, activating muscles commonly neglected due to everyday footwear. Dr. Kat notes that sensory stimulation not only wakes up these essential muscles but also contributes to overall foot health, a crucial factor in a runner's performance. 

Employing Self-Soft Tissue Release for Rapid Recovery 

Dr. Kat is all too familiar with the constant muscle tension that runners have. She uses the Neuro Ball to aid in soft tissue release, providing runners relief from muscle tension. She suggests multiple ways of using the tool: using the entire ball, splitting it in two for simultaneous foot massages, or applying the smaller interior ball for targeted relief. This technique isn't merely relaxing; it accelerates recovery, allowing runners to return to training quicker. 

Taking Strengthening Exercises Up a Notch 

Finally, Dr. Kat uses the Neuro Ball to strengthen runners' feet. She incorporates it into strengthening exercises, creating a more engaging and challenging routine for runners. Dr. Kat notes these simple adaptations to her physical therapy workout regimen can significantly elevate a runner's long-term performance by offering more versatile training methods. 

If you are a runner, you can maximize your potential and quicken your recovery time using the Naboso Performance Insole and the Naboso Neuro Ball. This two-pronged approach helps you train smarter, recover faster, and perform better. 

Run Faster, Longer, and Better with with Naboso

Running is more than exercise. It is a high-performance sport, a testament to human resilience, a mental health practice, and a foundational aspect of many peoples' live. Trail explorers, track and field athletes, marathoners, and neighborhood joggers challenge themselves everyday. In doing so, they face common setbacks like plantar fasciitis, and other injuries which can hamper performance. 

However Naboso has an accelerated training and recovery solution. Naboso's performance insoles and neuro balls offer a science-backed cheat code to injury prevention and mitigation. You don't have to be an ultra-marathon runner to use them.

Remember, using Naboso tools isn't only about improving your mile-time. It's about running longer, faster, and better by nurturing your body and providing it with the best recovery and training tools possible. Whether you're an everyday runner or an ultra-marathoner, Naboso tools unlock new health horizons and performance possibilities for every type of athlete.