Pilates Reformer Kit

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Bring the power of neurosensory stimulation and Naboso's patent-pending design to your Pilates workout.  Designed to optimize foot awareness through a variety of reformer-based exercises.   

Perfect for all clients but especially those with decreased foot sensation due to neuropathy, age, or medications.  The use of Naboso on the Pilates reformer will translate to improve foot and body awareness when standing and in daily movements. 

Pilates Reformer Kit includes: 
 - 1 Standing Mat , 22"Lx 24"W
 - 1 Footbar Wrap
 - Small, 19.25"L x 5.8" around (1.85 in diameter)
 - Large, 19.25" L x 7.85" around (2.5 in diameter)
 - 1 Standing Platform Mat, 22"L x 4"W

"The way we move begins with the perception of our feet" - Dr Emily Splichal 

Standing Mat and Platform Mat

RBEVA top layer with rubber underlay which is a more earth-friendly rubber because it is a recyclable material. Waterproof, closed-cell RBEVA which is easy to clean and more durable.

Footbar Wrap

Waterproof, closed-cell RBEVA

Wash warm water with soap and air dry. Recommended cleaning once a week.

Designed in USA. Manufactured in China.

Why Naboso?

Brain icon demonstrating mental stimulation

Optimized stimulation allows the brain to better control body movement

Foot icon demonstrating nerves being stimulated

Designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet

 A shoe icon along with an insole icon

Improving our posture, movement, and performances starts at the ground

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