Focus on your general wellness

Naboso products specialize in enhancing foot strength and combatting aches, pains and fatigue in the feet.

General foot health

As the only contact point between the body and the ground, the plantar foot plays a vital role in overall foot strength and foot posture. If you're continuously standing for long hours, have foot pain, or are looking to strengthen your feet, Naboso provides a simple yet highly effective solution.

Ergonomics and employee health

Long hours, concrete floors, and improper footwear can all cause an increase in lower back pain, contribute to foot fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries, and are associated with missed days of work and decreased work performance. Naboso insoles are a great way to enhance foot strength at work, ensuring employee health, safety, and efficiency.

Naboso Pilates Studio Program

For the first time ever, you can now bring targeted proprioceptive and sensory stimulation to your Pilates reformer workout. With our newly designed Naboso Pilates products, you're able to outfit your PIlates reformers and studios with the groundbreaking, performance-enhancing textured science of Naboso.