Packaging of the Duo Insoles by Naboso
Duo Insoles
Photo of the Duo Insole along with some text showing how the texture of the insoles helps to give you energy and perform throughout the work day
Close up of the Naboso Duo Insole showing how the thickness (4mm) along with the texture provides sensory input
A yellow Duo Insole being cut to show buyers that they can trim the insoles to fit their feet size.
Photo of the entire Naboso insole line explaining the differences between them all. Meant to help buyers find the right insole for them
A short video of Dr. Emily Splichal, the founder of Naboso, explaining what the Duo Insoles are and the benefits of using them

Duo Insoles

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Perfect for someone who wants to take their sensory stimulation to the next level, the Duo is a double-sided insole, featuring our highest-level stimulation on one side and our Activation-level on the other.
When you start to become accustomed to one level of stimulation, simply flip the Duo over.
Recommended for:
  • Maximum level of foot activation and stimulation 
  • Those who wear Naboso Insoles everyday as it offers texture variability 
  • Avid minimal shoe wearer who is looking to up their barefoot stimulation 

Thin enough to work with all types of footwear.    Replace the existing insole or use it on top of an orthotic.   Designed to be with no socks or with thin socks.

Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | 100% Recyclable
Backed by 30 day satisfaction guarantee

100% food grade silicone which in non-toxic and odorless. Contains no BPA, latex, lead, or phthalates. Waterproof, closed-cell silicone which is easy to clean and more durable.

Wash warm water with soap and air dry. Dishwasher safe. Recommended cleaning once a week.

Designed in USA. Manufactured in China.

  • Medium level stimulation
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Easily trimmed to fit shoe

Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | 100% Recyclable
Backed by 30 day satisfaction guarantee

    MEN - shoe size (size up if between sizes)
    US EUR
    3 - 5.5
    34.5 - 37.5
    M 6 - 8.5 38 - 42
    L 9 - 11.5 43 - 45
    XL 12 - 14 46 - 48.5
    WOMEN - shoe size (size up if between sizes)
    US EUR
    5 - 7.5
    35 - 38
    M 8 - 10.5 38.5 - 43
    L 11 - 13.5 43.5 - 44.5

    Why Naboso?

    Brain icon demonstrating mental stimulation

    Optimized stimulation allows the brain to better control body movement

    Foot icon demonstrating nerves being stimulated

    Designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet

     A shoe icon along with an insole icon

    Improving our posture, movement, and performances starts at the ground

    Texture that grounds you.

    Sensory insoles uniquely designed to address foot function and movement from the ground up, so you can improve the way you move, look, and feel from head to toes
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    Join the movement #FromTheGroundUp

    With healthy feet as our foundation, we're on a journey to optimize movement from the ground up. Are you ready to join us?

    Uniquely textured to stimulate the skin of the feet