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Bring the power of Naboso® Technology to your facility in the form of our proprioceptive flooring. For the first time it is possible to create a truly evidence-based barefoot training zone or proprioceptive rehab area within your facility.

Manufactured from the highest quality RBEVA and designed with our patent-pending textured technology, Naboso® Flooring allows for more efficient neuromuscular training, proprioceptive rehab and improved foot to core activation rates.

The Naboso® Flooring System is perfect for a private training studio, athletic training department, rehab center and even your home!

Available in 2’ x 2’ tiles with the highest quality 3M adhesive backing.

Sold 6 tiles per box

All Flooring is Final Sale and cannot be returned. Exceptions can be made if you have original packaging and product is unused.

For questions and inquiries on flooring please contact orders@nabosotechnology.com

Why Naboso?

Brain icon demonstrating mental stimulation

Optimized stimulation allows the brain to better control body movement

Foot icon demonstrating nerves being stimulated

Designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet

 A shoe icon along with an insole icon

Improving our posture, movement, and performances starts at the ground

A texture that works as hard as you do.

The first-ever proprioceptive surface that is ideal for facility use and is intended for enhancing muscle activation, movement prep and human performance
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Improve foot function and movement from the ground up