Packaging for the blue Naboso Activation Insoles and a blue Neuro Ball
Two blue Naboso activation insoles along with 3 icons demonstrating the different ways the Activation Insole is stimulating: 1. Neuro Connection allowing the brain to better control body movement 2. Stimulating the nerves on the  bottom of the feet 3. Posture improvement beginning from the ground up
The blue Naboso neuro ball
Activation Insole & Neuro Ball Bundle

Activation Insole & Neuro Ball Bundle

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Experience the sensory stimulation & power of both the Naboso Activation Insoles and Naboso Neuro Ball.   This combination of products provides the perfect opportunity to achieve foot strength and mobility.   

Bundle Includes:

Naboso Activation Insoles

Are you looking to increase your foot awareness and foot strength throughout your day?  Experience what it feels like to be connected to your foundation with the unique texture of the Naboso Activation Insole.  Our insoles are the only sensory insole on the market that can improve foot strength and balance

    Naboso Neuro Ball 

    The Neuro Ball can be used as a release ball to roll under your feet, in the palms of your hands or over your calves. You can also split the ball into two dome shapes for a stationary tool that gives you more control over pressure and static holds while specifically targeting an area like the sole of your foot. You can also use the bonus RAD Micro Round to further target hard-to-reach areas between the small bones of your feet and hands for a comprehensive, multi-treatment approach to giving yourself the best care and maximum relief.

    MEN - shoe size (size up if between sizes)
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    3 - 5.5
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    XL 12 - 14 46 - 48.5
    WOMEN - shoe size (size up if between sizes)
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    5 - 7.5
    35 - 38
    M 8 - 10.5 38.5 - 43
    L 11 - 13.5 43.5 - 44.5