Kinesis Board
Kinesis Board
Kinesis Board
Kinesis Board
Kinesis Board
Kinesis Board

Kinesis Board

  • Foot Stimulation
  • Improve Balance
  • Single Leg Platform
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Better stability, means better movement.  
Get ready to experience the Kinesis Board which features dual sensory stimulation, a micro-wobble system and a single-leg platform.
Micro-Wobble System
Unlike your average wobble board, the Kinesis Board intentionally focuses on micro wobbles to stimulate the nerves of the ankle, creating faster joint position sense. 
Dual Sensory Stimulation 
Bring the power of mechanoception to your balance training with our textured platform.  Combined with proprioceptive stimuli, you can expect higher nerve stimulation with the Kinesis Board. 
Single Leg Platform
Training balance on one leg is after all, how we use balance during our daily movements.  This is why the Kinesis Board is designed for one leg at a time.
Better balance begins now!

Product Specs:

  • Patent-Pending Naboso Top Cover 
  • 5.5" x 13" Wood Platform 
  • 2 lbs Total Weight
  • Includes (2) 4" x 4" x 1" Foam Blocks

Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | BPA-Free
Designed in USA. Manufactured in China.

Designed to strengthen single leg stability, the Kinesis Board will activate, strengthen, and build better balance and body control.

Micro-Wobble System

With every step we take our foot experiences small, micro shifts — or wobbles — as a way to adapt to surfaces and absorb impact forces.

This same wobble experience can be trained through the Kinesis Board and its unique single leg platform which mimics midstance.

Dual-Sensory Stimulation

The Kinesis Board is the first balance board to feature dual-sensory stimulation that is both mechanoceptive (texture) and proprioceptive (wobble).

Balance and posture is a function of both these sensory systems working together to provide faster point position sense and single leg stability.

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