Step Into Arch Support That Reduces Foot Pain

Experience the Naboso Form Insole: Reducing Pain, Strengthening Posture

Get Active In Your Arch Support


Realign The Foot To Its Natural Position

An active orthotic adjusts the current foot posture to return it to a neutral position. For example, pronation (leaning in) of the ankle would require a tilted orthotic to realign the ankle and arch.


Reinforce An Incorrect Existing Foot Posture

A passive orthotic is made from a mold of the foot’s existing shape to provide support. Unlike active orthotics, which are designed to correct foot alignment, passive orthotics reinforce incorrect posture and structure.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Strengthen your feet and improve stability when your weight is equally distributed across the entire foot.

Relieve foot pain and fatigue with the patented neuro-stimulating texture on the top of the insole.

Connecting with your body’s movement is easy with the Form that can quickly be slipped into most shoe types.

Meet Your New Sole Mate
Pain and discomfort because of flat feet? It's likely your feet have very low or non-existent arches, affecting your body's alignment when standing, walking, or running. This incorrect alignment often causes pain.
The First Insole That Strengthens Feet While Activating Nerves

Customers Who Are Finding Their Footing

“Prefer these insoles over my podiatrist-fit cushion orthotics — which were far more expensive! The weight and sturdiness and texture make my feet feel grounded and engaged. Highly recommend these.”
Elliot K.
“I’m not new to using Naboso products as I already had four others but these arch supporting and neuro-stimulating insoles are the bomb! Along with my trekking poles and the Nordic walking technique, I feel so much more connected to my body which I’ve been challenged by with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 plus years.”
Carmen P.
“These forms seem to be doing so much for me. Since I popped them into my walking footwear right after opening the package I have worn them outdoors every day since, Their Naboso surface is encouraging me to walk even more than I had been recently. I’m dealing with neuropathy in my left foot/leg and these are a helpful tool.”
Nancy N.
Arch Support That Promotes Posture Correction